Starting New

Sometimes we have to make up our minds that we will just forget what has happened in the past and start afresh, start new.  No, we don’t have to wait until something larger than life happens, we just have to decide that we will do things differently….even if it’s just one thing.  That one thing will lead to another….and then another.  Over time, you’ll see that your whole life has been re-mastered.  What is it that you’d like to see different in your life?  Is it your finances?  Well see if there is something you can eliminate from your budget.  Is it your weight?  Try walking around the block just once, you’ll increase over time.  Is it your marriage?  Try praying about it, and praying with your spouse.  It just takes one step and then others will follow.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with the final product.  Just take it day by day.  This formula applies to everything.  There have been times in my life that I have felt completely overwhelmed by the idea of wanting somethings to change and not even knowing how to begin to put the blueprint of “change” together.  Where would I start?  Can I do it?  Will I finish?  Those are all questions that come up when trying to facilitate change in any area.  Again, just take one step.  If you can take that step, then yes you can do it.  If you can take that step…take another and another until you finish.  There may be some rough days but don’t let the rough days determine your course.  Ask God, “What are you trying to teach me in these rough times?”  Learn the lessons, but never give up.  Start new, start afresh…keep that first and foremost in your mind, spirit and heart.


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