Loving Yourself

One of the things we usually don’t do enough and at times….not at all….is loving ourselves.  If you have always loved yourself and you’ve never had a bad day, never doubted yourself or your abilities….if you have always jumped from mountain top to mountain top and have never in life had a valley experience….if you have always looked your best….felt your best and always gave yourself a 25 on a scale of 1 to 10…then this article is most likely not for you.  This article is for those of us that are human and wake up sometimes not feeling like the star player that we are.  This article is for the people that have been hurt by the words or actions of others…..this article is for the wonderful person that has always been mistreated by their family.

We are in a world that is imperfect and full of imperfect people, places, things, laws, actions and circumstances and as long as we have breath in our bodies we will one day experience something that hurls a blow to how we feel about ourselves.  It could be a nasty divorce, the loss of a job or just simply a run in with a person you thought was your friend that you found out really didn’t give a damn about you and just used you for the past 20 years.  Whatever the circumstances are, when they are hurtful it damages your psyche and how you feel about yourself.  You will begin to internalize what has happened and sometimes you will begin to question yourself.  The internal questioning leads to self doubt and before you know it the thoughts become perpetual.  Over time it chips away at your self love, self esteem and self respect.

We have to learn to reject the opinions of others when they:

  • Tear us down
  • Belittle us
  • Non-constructively criticize

You should never let what anyone says make you feel less that who you are.  You may have made mistakes, made foolish decisions or just down right messed up some things but guess what?  We all have…but that does not mean you are a failure, it does not mean you are unable to turn things around and it definitely should never cause you to lose love for yourself.

Even if your situation has been birthed from  you doing self destructive things…..it is still not too late to turn your circumstances around.  As long as God has given you breath in your body then you have an opportunity to change some things.  You have to go to the Word of God sometimes and find out what God says about YOU…how He feels about YOU.  At the end of the day, we all want to be admired by others but if you don’t know what God says about you and how He feels about you then what the next person thinks or feels does not matter.

Restructure your thinking process when it comes to how YOU feel about YOU.  You are a once in a lifetime historical event that was purposed by the Creator Himself.  Make this day one of loving YOU more.

I will follow up to this article with some good scriptures that you can read daily that will help you out.

I am not a holier than thou person…..just a sinner saved by grace.



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